Glycerin is an alcohol with three hydroxyl groups (-OH), its chemical name according to IUPAC is 1,2,3 propantriol (C3H8O3), present as a liquid at room temperature, it is colorless, odorless and water-soluble, it has a high coefficient of viscosity, with a high boiling point and has a sweet taste like other polyols.

Our glycerin refining processes were designed in order to achieve the highest quality standards of finished products and allow us to comply with USP and FCC regulations. The first is the standard that defines the characteristics that a pharmaceutical grade glycerin must have and the second is the standard established by the Codex Alimentarius for food additives.

Our processes are fully automated and allow us to maintain these high quality standards permanently.


There are a variety of applications in which glycerin is used. One of these is in the production of chocolates, cellophane for food packaging, sweets, chewing gum and sweets. Also, in the manufacture of cosmetics where it can be used as an additive in creams and lotions to soften and moisturize the skin. In the hygiene and personal care industry it is added to toothpastes and oral cleaning liquids, soaps and detergents, plus it works well as a humectant in the tobacco process.



  • It is liquid, hygroscopic, colorless and odorless and with a density of 1.26 g/cm3.

Expiration and Storage:

  • Preferential use of between 180 and 270 days is recommended
  • Keep the glycerin in its container with the caps tightly closed, stored on a platform and without receiving water in the upper part of the tank.
  • Avoid contamination of the glycerin with water or any other liquid or foreign material.


Container 20 L

Drum 200 L

IBC container 1000 L

Bulk in 18.5-32 TM tank truck