Within our CEREUS product line you can find Triple Pressed Fatty Acids, which are manufactured with raw materials of the highest quality, using the most modern technology of Hydrolysis, Hydrogenation and Distillation.

Automated processes allow us to achieve the highest quality standards and offer the market a stable and high-performance product.


CEREUS AGTP is used in a variety of products, including metal stearates that serve as additives in the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride and other plastics. It´s used as an ingredient in the manufacture of textile softeners. It is included in cosmetic formulations due to its emollient characteristics in creams, soaps and cosmetics in general.

Aditionally it is used as an external lubricant in plastic molding, giving shine and body to : candle making processes, the manufacture of crayons, lubricants, ointments, suppositories, food emulsifiers and in surface active agents, among many other industrial applications.



  • It is solid at room temperature and is white in color.
  • At 70°C it is a colorless liquid.

Expiration and Storage:

  • We recommend you use it within 60 days of receipt.
  • It is important to consider that its liquid handling needs to be done in food grade stainless steel pipes and tanks with all the acid handling considerations.
  • In the presentation of scales, they are regularly stored on a platform in places free of humidity and protected from sunlight.


Flakes in 25kg net bulks

Bulk pallet

Bulk in 16-32TM tank truck