The CEREUS AGD product line is characterized by its low color and high purity, characteristics that allow us to differentiate ourselves in the market. This result is achieved thanks to the selection we make of our raw materials and the quality control we have throughout our production processes.

Molecularly they are micro-crystalline solids with a pasty consistency. Its content is a mixture of stearic-palmitic-oleic fatty acids that varies its proportions as required by the client.



They are especially useful in a variety of chemical processes, among which we can mention the production of soaps, mineral flotation processes, in the manufacture of rubber and various amines, including quaternary ones.



  • At room temperature it is a low color castable solid
  • At 70 °C it is a semi-transparent liquid.


Expiration and Storage:

  • Preferential use is recommended within 60 days of delivery to the customer.
  • It should be stored in stainless steel tanks with the care that an acid is stored, especially free of moisture.


Bulk in 18-32TM tank truck