The CEREUS DQ products line is a food grade fat formulation based on the highest quality standards.
We take special care in the raw material selection and the standardization of processes, which allows us to offer products of constant quality. It’s a green, 100% ecological and biodegradable product.


The DQ line of the CEREUS products are food grade and have been designed to be used as ingredients in the elaboration of mono and di-glyceride emulsifiers and glycerin.

The final obtained products can be food and pharmaceutical grade depending on the integration process they are integrated.

Our CEREUS DQ products line features the best physical and chemical characteristics. The most recognized by our clients is the absence of odor, the low color and its brilliance.

Expiration and Storage:

  • It’s advised to be used within 30-60 days, but its product life can last up to six months.
  • Store someplace safe with no exposure to sunlight.
  • In its solid presentation its maximum temperature should be 35ºC
  • In its liquid presentation its maximum temperature should be 70ºC


Scales in 25kg net packages

Packages scaffold

Bulk in 16-32TM tank truck