The CEREUS AHD line is made up of products that originated from animal oils and fats that were subjected to the hydrogenation process. The degrees of saturation vary according to the needs of our clients’ processes. We work with automated processes that allow us to achieve attractive characteristics such as low color and the characteristic brightness of a product free of impurities.


The hydrogenated fats have a wide variety of uses, but within the most common applications we can mention the formulation of edible fats, the manufacture of emulsifiers and release agents, as well as being used as a raw material in molecule breaking processes to obtain fatty acids and glycerin. .



  • Low color on Lovibond 5 ¼ scale.
  • Iodine according to customer needs
  • Presentations in flakes or in bulk in stainless steel pipes

Expiration and Storage:

  • Preferential use is recommended within 90 days, extending its useful life up to 6 months
  • Store in a place free of humidity and without exposure to sunlight
  • If it is stored in tanks, it is convenient to keep it liquid
  • If it is stored in flakes, it is advisable to avoid having other odorous products nearby
  • If the container breaks, it is necessary to follow the indications of the safety data sheet.


Flakes in 25kg net bulks

Bulk pallet

Bulk in 16-32TM tank truck