Within our line of CEREUS products we have Simple Pressed Fatty Acids, which are manufactured with raw materials of the highest quality,using the most modern technology of Hydrolysis, Hydrogenation and Distillation.

Automated processes allow us to achieve the highest quality standards and offer the market a stable and high performance product.


CEREUS AGSP is used where the smell and color do not affect the products to be manufactured, such as, in the manufacturing of rubber, tires, lubricants, greases, metallic stearates, concrete additives, additives for the body of crayons and lubrication of pencils.



  • It is a creamy brown solid at room temperature
  • At 70 °C it is a light brown liquid with a characteristic odor.

Expiration and Storage:

  • Preferential use is recommended within 90 days,extending its useful life up to 6 months
  • Store in a dry place without exposure to sunlight
  • Moisture free
  • You should avoid leaving bags without being completely emptied
  • In solid presentation the maximum temperature is 35°C
  • In liquid form, the maximum temperature is 60°C


Flakes in 25kg net bulks

Bulk pallet

Bulk in 16-32TM tank truck