The CEREUS product range for cardboard was designed with food grade degree raw material with the objective of improving the waterproofing capacity, flexibility and resistance of the corrugated cardboard boxes. It’s a green, 100% ecological and biodegradable product.

When the CEREUS line is used to harden cardboard, it can substitute products that contain paraffin or mineral waxes that make the entrance of cardboard boxes impossible to countries that have great commerce of fruits and vegetables.

The CEREUS AHD1 and AHD9 that are applied in the corrugate differ in their capacity to make the cardboard stiffer.

The CEREUS AHD22 is a waterproofing product that is applied in the interior side and is much more flexible than the previous ones.

Defining which is the most adequate for your production requires a visit from one of our technicians.

Because of our products’ food grade nature, these can be applied in cardboard packages used to store fruits and vegetables without modifying their original characteristics.


Designed to be added to the manufacturing process of corrugated cardboard used to form boxes that manage food grade products.

Characteristics :

  • It’s natural and has NO mineral ingredients
  • Waterproofs cardboard
  • It becomes stiffer in low temperatures giving cardboard a major resistance in cold rooms.


  • Agricultural sector (legumes, fruits and vegetables)
  • Meat sector.
  • Fish and seafood sector.

Product life and Storage:

  • It’s advised to be used within 30-60 days, since its product life can last up to six months.
  • Store someplace dry with no exposure to sunlight.
  • In its solid presentation, its maximum temperature should be 35ºC
  • In its liquid presentation, its maximum temperature should be 70ºC


Flakes in 25kg net bulks

Bulk pallet

Bulk in 16-32TM tank truck